Monday, July 11, 2011

Holy Cannoli!

Hello?  Anyone?

Dear Lord in heaven, what am I doing here?

The first post...I don't even know what to do next!  

I think I finally have mustered up the courage to do something for ME, something I have been wanting to do for years.  I suspect my launching pad may stem from a healthy dose of liquid courage in the form of ice cold Symphony Obsession wine by Ironstone Vineyards (the summer BOMB people, and at $6-$9 a bottle, a veritable bargain!!).  Truth be told, I am on summer break from school...and I am B-O-R-E-D!!!  So a crazy inspiration, love of food, love of writing, an "I know I have a problem" addiction to the internet, and finally a suspension of my Facebook privileges from my awesome if not eternally frazzled-at-me husband, Mike, has taken hold of me !. 

So, here it is:

I LOVE FOOD.  I love it.  I have dreams about it.  I think about it all day.  I savor every bite of something I am eating.  I also have had a dream - I have always wanted to own my own business, specifically, a small cafe, or restaurant, but have had neither the start-up cashola nor the self-confidence to give it a this seems a much safer, cheaper, and less conspicuous way to talk and post pictures of food that I love, because, I LOVE FOOD.  (I borrow the statement from my Uncle Rick Ameil, who is a successful restaurateur, and host of a local television cooking show -

First I had to dream up a blog name - almost instantly I was seized by an idea to name it Holy Cannoli.  Firstly, cannoli is amazing, no reason to expand on why, it just is.  Secondly I am Catholic, so maybe by having my blog name begin with "Holy", I can have the entire site blessed by our priest, and earn kudos points with St. Peter at The Pearly Gates, thereby shaving a few years off of Purgatory!  Lastly, I have Italian ancestry, so hey!   Here, it is,  Holy Cannoli...pages full of recipes, pictures of what I am serving for a meal, questions to other food lovers about how to create something, cries for help from other people who love food, coffee talk about mundane things, venting, screaming, kicking, laughing, loving, and crying.  I do not care if I never have a singe person reads what dwells in these blog pages, because I am doing it for me.  I LOVE FOOD!  Mangia!

I love food so what am I cooking tonight????   Trader Joe's Microwave ready  orange Chicken, and fried rice baby!

This is my Halloween creation from last year - the 2010 Giant's World Series Trophy

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