Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stewing the Pot

Hi Eaters,

Drumroll.....the stew turned out...okay.  I think it will be better tomorrow.  The flavors didn't full-on meld together like they were supposed to.

However the Dutch Crunch bread from Raley's was more that sufficient to buffer my mild disappoint suffered upon tasting this stew. 

It's okay, I drowned my sorrows in a thick slice of this bad boy after dinner...so I will pull through...(so glad I had time to make Chocolate Cream Pie- my most favorite comfort food of all).

That's all for now...



  1. I like the new format and that is the biggest piece of pie I've ever seen!

  2. Thank you Mark! Hahaha! Was hoping the format made it easier to read :) Thank you!