Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's The Most Wonderfilled Time Of The Year!

Hello Eaters,
Ahhh...the smell of pine boughs, flour lightly dusting my countertops, bits and pieces of festive ribbon sprinkled on the floor, average of three hours of sleep per must be the week of Christmas.  I am usually good for one Vesuvius style meltdown/explosion during this same week every year, and last night it reared it's foul now I am good to go, with clear and clean mental sturdiness until Santa shoves his fat butt down my woodstove pipe.

So I am slowing it down, taking time to enjoy my kids and time off from school.  Today, after taking my kids to a morning movie, I will begin my annual "baking for gifts" odyssey.   Hopefully I will have time to post some pictures to this space and post recipes.  There are some good ones to be had this year! 

Until this afternoon....


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